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City Oil Co. Inc. Specializes in On-Site Construction Fueling, Fleet Fueling, Site Tanks, and Routine Delivery of On Road & Off Road Diesel Fuel, Gasoline, Heating Oil and more.

Our job is to keep your jobs going. Our prompt & Specialized Services to the Construction , Transportation, Farming, Manufacturing, and many other Industries , Small and Large, Residential and Commercial, have insured the Quality trademark of city Oil Co. Inc. since 1990.

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Winterizing your Diesel Fuel System

Tuesday 30th May 2017-

Tips For Winterizing your Diesel Fuel System… Change the fuel filters / Water Separators: Install a fresh, clean fuel filter. An old fuel filter will have water in it and plug much faster than a new one. Carry an Emergency Treatment: Treatments such as “RED ALERT”, or “DIESEL 9-1-1”, which is sold in most retail stores … Continue reading Winterizing your Diesel Fuel System


Winter Maintenance Tips…

Tuesday 30th May 2017-

Winter Maintenance Tips… Diesel fuel solidifies in winter weather and you may experience inconvenient expensive engine shut-downs. Diesel fuel contains paraffin, similar to wax, and when the paraffin cools it solidifies and may plug fuel filters and choke your fuel system unless you take preventative steps. Even in mild winter temperatures water in fuel can … Continue reading Winter Maintenance Tips…